DATING TIP: Intensity vs Passion or love

Have you ever thought about what the difference is between intensity and true passion? In this video I talk about how many of us are addicted to intensity but don't really know how to create real passion and love. The intensity is what we misinterpret as love.


DATING TIP: It's a numbers game

Dating is a numbers game. The more people you meet, the more likely you are going to meet someone you like and furthermore, meet someone you love!

DATING TIP: Show up grounded on dates

Showing up on dates with grounded energy is beneficial in helping you enjoy the date way more, and will convey self-confidence and calm energy.


DATING TIP: The first thing you should do!

The first thing you should do when getting back out there to date is HAVE FUN. It sounds simple but many of us feel so anxious that we don't let go and enjoy. Letting go of expectation, letting go of wondering if he's "the one" is one of the best things you can do in order to find "the one!"

The number one dating mistake women make.

Are you frustrated with the kinds of men you're dating? Are you just meeting people that are low value and is it making you frustrated and making you want to give up on dating altogether?


Watch my interview with Sacha Sterling.

Watch my Interview with Carrie Anne Killeen.

In this interview I basically share my life story, so if you've always it is!


Do you have resentment in your relationship?

This video will show you how to start dealing with resentment in your relationship when you think your partner has a different vision than you do!

Want more success?

Stop doing these 3 things if you want more success in all areas of your life! Your business, your relationships, your parenting and your health!


How to use dating apps to meet high quality men and women to date!

Watch this video to see what I say about how to use dating apps!

Dating after a breakup?

I share with you how you will know you are ready to date again after a breakup or divorce.


What is it that's causing passion and attraction between two people?

The polarity of opposite energies of Masculine and Feminine Divine energies are at play! In this video I describe why.

In this video I talk about the healthy and unhealthy masculine and feminine traits that we all have inside us.

This might help explain why we are attracted to certain people and repelled by others.


How self-love can benefit you AND your partner in a relationship.

Self-love is the way to get your own needs met within or outside of the relationship. Watch this video to find out how!

Relationship workshop video 1

Polarity and attraction explained from the perspective of masculine and feminine energies and creating a deeply passionate partnership