Your relationship doesn’t HAVE to feel hard.

But the reality is that a great many do. And, often, it’s because we are exhausted. Spread thin. Tapped OUT. And, as a result, totally disconnected – from both ourselves and our partner.

Free yourself from the struggle.

If you’re in this boat and want to break the cycle – without a visit to the divorce lawyer – you could:

  • Buy a few books and try to change things on your own, but how often have you read a book and not taken the recommended actions or followed through on the exercises? Without support and guidance – to push you when you need it and help you see your blind spots – reading a book is unlikely to affect real change)

  • Drag your partner to couples therapy (which can often be painful and emotionally draining – not to mention costly) and, you may have tried it already with little or no success

  • Or you could join Renew The Connection With Your Partner and discover how you can show up differently for yourself (and your partner) and create a better, stronger, and more fulfilling relationship


A proven system with the support and guidance you need.

While there’s no denying that it takes two to tango, the reality is, there’s a ton you can do to single-handedly shift the dynamic in a relationship. This is because when one party in a duo changes, the other – by default – adapts.

In other words, you can do a lot on your own to improve your relationship by leaps and bounds, and Renew The Connection With Your Partner will show you the way.

This is a six-week online program that teaches women how to transform their relationships. You will be guided through a process of looking inward, discovering what you really want – and how to get it – and learning how show up differently with and for your partner.

At the end of this course, you’ll:

  • See your partner as you did when you first met and fell in love.

  • Be a better communicator of your needs and desires.

  • Feel less needy and dependent.

  • Feel less resentful.

  • Know when – and how – to stop doing things.

  • Find yourself vibrating at a higher frequency (a total #gamechanger – both inside your relationship and out).



Lesson 1: Self-Care

  • What self-care means for you

  • Why self-care is important

  • How to ensure you have it consistently

  • How to use self-care for healing, nurturing and prevention

Lesson 2: Show up!

  • How to show up for yourself every day

  • Setting up your day for success

  • Shifting your energy from negative to positive under any circumstances

  • How to stop indulging in negativity

Lesson 3: Desires

  • What are desires?

  • How to get clear on what you want

  • How to ask for what you want

Lesson 4: Polarity

  • Where does passion in a relationship really come from?

  • How polarity is essential in relationships

  • How to nurture yourself to increase polarity

Lesson 5: The energetic polarities

  • Feminine energy – its not what you think

  • How feminism and feminine energy work together

  • How to apply this to your life to create a mind blowing connection!

Lesson 6: Compassion

  • What is compassion

  • How to use self-compassion

  • How this all applies to your relationship

  • What’s next?


  • Feeling passionately in love again

  • A relationship with more connection and less conflict

  • No longer feeling frustrated, anxious, or resentful

  • Never feeling needy again

  • Knowing exactly what you desire and how to get it

  • Knowing exactly how to feel understood and seen by your partner

  • Feeling cherished – all the time

  • Learn how to take care of yourself when the relationship isn’t meeting your needs


Let’s get you there.

For a fraction of the cost of one-on-one (counselling) coaching, Renew The Connection With Your Partner will teach you everything you need to know to create a better relationship with your partner – without losing yourself in the process.

You’ll get full access to the course right away!

It includes:

  • Weekly videos, lessons, and assignments (go at your own pace)

  • A comprehensive workbook to use throughout the program

  • Email support when you need it

  • Lifetime access to our members-only Facebook support group

  • A bonus video on meditations and visualizations