Food has the potential to be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

But for so many of us, it’s a constant struggle. We have grown up learning that some foods are ‘bad’ while others are ‘good’. That counting calories is important and that we should obsess over every bite – to the point where we hate ourselves for what we’ve eaten.

If you want freedom from this destructive cycle – and to start feeling nourished when you eat instead of guilty – you’ve come to the right place.

It’s not really about the food.

You’ve likely spent your life trying to gain control over food – by reading books, trying diets, and following strict exercise regimens – but you’re still here. Your lack of success isn’t because you don’t have willpower or a deep desire to change – it’s because it’s not really about the food.

To create lasting change, we have to look inward and reset our fundamental beliefs about food and ourselves. Once we do that, eating becomes easy. You won’t have to obsess over every bite and meal. Temptation and guilt will melt away, and you will intuitively know how – and what – to feed your body.


A proven system with the support and guidance you need.

It’s a six-week online program that provides the tools and support you need to retrain, reclaim and regain your inner guidance system and create lasting positive change in your life.

At your own pace, you will be guided through the process of looking inward and forging a deeper relationship with yourself so you don’t have to struggle with food.

At the end of the six weeks (or slower or faster if you please), you’ll understand why you eat the way you do, why you struggle in your own individualized/unique way, and how to free yourself from the cycle.

You’ll feel more secure and confident, and understand exactly how to show up fully for yourself, in this and other areas of your life. It will completely transform how you relate to food!



Lesson 1: It’s not about food

  • Why we overeat

  • Define what you want

  • Mantras and how to use them

  • Introduction to journaling

Lesson 2: Movement

  • How to be ‘present’ with yourself - and what this means

  • How and when to move your body (and why movement, not “exercise”, is critical in your transformation)

  • Visualization exercises

Lesson 3: Power

  • Get clear on what you’re hungry for

  • How to access your power

  • The power of breath and how to use it

Lesson 4: Process

  • Feeling feelings – how to process what you feel

  • The shadow side of ‘feeling’ and when to stop indulging in negative feelings

  • How to balance the two - Learn the difference between emotions and self-indulgence

Lesson 5: Reclaim your inner voice

  • Discover how to choose what you eat

  • Learn how to practice compassion and positive emotions (no matter what you eat)

  • Making the connection between foods and feelings

Lesson 6: Integration

  • Overview and recap

  • Tools and advice for the path forward

  • Reflection and re-commitment

  • Vision


  • Loving your body again

  • Not dieting ever again

  • Being free of counting calories (forever)

  • Trusting your intuition to guide you

  • Seeing food as a source of joy and fulfillment

  • Never having to deprive yourself in the face of temptation again

  • Saying goodbye to food-related guilt – forever

  • Feeling confident and in alignment with yourself


Let’s get you there.

For a fraction of the cost of working with me privately, this program will teach you everything you need to thrive in every moment of your life, to be in alignment with your True Self and to be in a high vibration more frequently than ever before. Redefine Your Relationship With Food will transform how you relate to food – forever.

It is a proven system, designed just for you based on my own experience and the work I’ve done one-on-one with clients. You’ll get access to entire course right away!

It includes:

  • Weekly videos, lessons, and assignments (go at your own pace)

  • A comprehensive workbook to use throughout the program

  • Email support when you need it

  • Lifetime access to our members-only Facebook support group

  • A bonus video on meditations and visualizations