My coaching sessions and programs will arm you with tools to quickly and smoothly bring you clarity on what you want in your relationships (new or current).

When you work with me you will get:

  • Clarity on your vision and what you desire most in each area of life

  • Clarity on identifying your values

  • A plan for you to thrive during this part of your life - stop waiting for the future. Now is your time to shine

  • Easy to implement tools to manage life stress, work stress and relationship stress

  • Moving past your blind spots in all areas

  • Tools and techniques on how to implement nourishing self-care (Trust me, it’s an art)

  • Depletion-free relationship advice (Don’t worry, you don’t have to “give” more, my relationship coaching is the opposite… do less, receive more, and create the most satisfying relationship you’ve ever dreamed of!)

  • When you address one area of your life, others will be affected too. I offer a holistic approach to my radically different relationship and dating philosophy that will blow your mind and transform how you’ve approached these areas in the past. Some of these include healthy sexuality, spirituality, nutrition, body image, career and anything else you feel is important to your overall well-being.

12-week Personalized Program that includes:

  • 45 minute phone/video session per week

  • Unlimited email questions

  • Access to our Facebook group which includes weekly inspirational discussions

This package is $1,997 and 50% payment is requested prior to the first session with the remainder paid by week 6.

After the 12 week package you can purchase another package or 1x sessions for $175.