Most of us are much closer to the relationship we desire than we think.

We just need help to see the blind spots inside ourselves. Often it is just a shift of how one perceives the world. It can happen in a moment, or in an instant of insight or decision.

As a Dating Coach, I’ve seen women completely transform their circumstances in relationships, health, and professional life, all by making small distinct changes in their lives and how they see themselves.

Create the life that you want!

My approach is a compilation of the best advice from top relationship, mindset and life experts in the field. I combine all the modalities and have created a radically unique well rounded personalized program to help women transform the way they date so that they start attracting high quality people to date. No more settling for crumbs. This is your time to flourish and get what you want. To be cherished and loved in the way you desire.

My Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP), Relationship Coaching Training, attending countless workshops in human mindset & behaviour and my own deep personal and professional study into what drives us as humans in our relationships helps me personalize my coaching to your individual needs, creating a customized plan for you to bring your dream relationship into reality, quickly.

Together we will make shift happen!