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Positive Coupling is a coaching program designed to build and renew your connection with your partner in a way that you have only been able to dream of.

Transitioning to parenthood can take a huge toll on a relationship. Many couples accept this as normal and live the rest of their relationship settling for mediocre, never really resolving or coming out of the new pattern of hurt, resentment and frustration. Other couples continue to deteriorate to the point of divorce a few years down the road. We all know the divorce rate is upwards of 40% in North America. Many of these couples noticed a disconnect after the birth of their child or children, and were never able to recover.

My coaching sessions and programs will arm you with tools to quickly and smoothly bring the connection and intimacy back. No matter how far gone it was!

Relationship Coaching For Parents

When you work with me you will get:

  • Clarity on your relationship vision and what you desire most in this world
  • Clarity on identifying your values as a mom/partner/mother
  • A plan for you to thrive during this part of your life
  • Easy to implement tools to manage life stress, work stress and relationship stress
  • Moving past your relationship blind spots
  • How to nourish the relationship without getting drained
  • Tools and techniques how to implement nourishing self-care
  • Depletion-free relationship advice
  • Holistic approach to you: Includes hormonal considerations, sexual desires and hangups, nutrition, career and spiritual and anything else you feel is important to your overall wellbeing

Some extra love I like to give my clients that you won’t find anywhere else includes:

  • Positive psychology inspired coaching for women, men and couples
  • Years of experience with my own relationships and parenting
  • Years of experience watching couples transitioning to parenthood
  • My current relationship nuggets of wisdom (whatever I learn in my own relationship I pass on to my clients!)
  • Non-judgmental support for any questions. Anything goes, I promise
  • Email support throughout the week with me personally

My coaching can include one-on-one sessions by Skype or in person. It can include couple coaching sessions (when all parties are willing to be included) or individual sessions or a mixture of both. Mostly I work with women and it is incredible how much can transform in a relationship even with only one party participating in coaching. There’s no need to coerce or force your partner to join. You alone can transform the entire relationship single-handedly!

Let’s Book A Complimentary Phone Call

The best way to get a taste of how I can help you is to have a 30 minute phone call with me. Its free and probably the best way for us to get to know each other before jumping into any coaching relationship.

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